The Terms and Conditions are valid automatically from the moment of making a reservation by the owner.

Obligations of Hunde Abenteuer land:
  • Hunde Abenteuer Land is obligated to look after the dogs to the best of their needs and will inform the owner of any big issues or incidents.
  • In case of illness or injury, Hunde Abenteuer Land will react in the best dogs interest, that means we may contact a Veterinarian first and we may contact the owner second. The owner is liable for costs for the treatment.
  • Hunde Abenteuer Land is obligated to inform Veterinary Office about dogs with serious aggressive behavior.
  • In case of bigger problems with a dog or owner is not respecting the Terms and Conditions, Hunde Abenteuer Land will provide immediate written notice.
Obligations of Owner:
  • The dog must be free from any infectious illness, must be chipped and registered by Amicus.
  • The dog must be vaccinated with standard combination vaccine and also against kennel cough.
  • The dog must be a minimum of 12 weeks old, able to be in a social environment and respond to his name.
  • Females in heat are required to stay at home.
  • Hunde Abenteuer Land is granted the right to refuse intact males who display aggressive or dominant behavior against other dogs.
  • The owner is liable for informing Hunde Abenteuer Land about any health issues their dog may have.
  • The owner must have a personal liability insurance.
  • The owner is liable for all cost of damages his animal inflicts on other dogs, objects or people.
  • By sending the dog to Hunde Abenteuer Land, the owner is agreeing that Hunde Abenteuer Land to take and use photos of their dog on the blog, website and other social media.

For daycare:

  • Cancellation made 2 days prior = 25% of day care price
  • Cancellation made 1 day prior = 50% of day care price
  • Cancellation made day of or no show = 100% of day care price

For boarding:

  • For our regular day care clients, cancellation should be made minimum 2 weeks in advance. If not, we will charge up to 150 CHF
  • Cancellations made 1-2 weeks prior = 25% charge
  • Cancellation made 1 week before = 50% charge

Payment is made by ebanking or cash.